Due to COVID-19 the 2021 Mosman Design Awards have been postponed until 2023

Clanalpine House

ArchitectMcNally Architects

Set on the corner of Clanalpine Street and Magic Grove, this Californian bungalow has been meticulously upgraded to respectfully merge the original façade and its contemporary extension, taking in the valley views down to Sirius Cove Reserve.

By angling the house extension by 20 degrees off the central axis, it removes any privacy issues from neighbouring houses up the hill as it directs views away from neighbours to capture the distant views and reduces the built form from extending further into the neighbours’ view lines. The shift in axis divides the exterior into two juxtaposed vertical elements that reflect the off-axis view, internally and externally.

This design creates an open plan that connects the pool and cabana. The connection between the lower ground living space is reflected in the bedrooms above and the rear façade through the rolled glazed recess, allowing light to filter deep into the spaces.


Natural resilient materials have been specified to reduce the consumption footprint of this house, with little maintenance. High performance glazing and insulation, operable louvers allow control of heat gain in the summer and increasing sun in the winter. Openings are designed to draw natural light, ventilation deep into spaces .