Due to COVID-19 the 2021 Mosman Design Awards have been postponed until 2023

Methuen Residence

ArchitectDaniel Boddam

A modern and contextual design approach has been applied to the project. The house re-interprets the Californian bungalow prevalent in the area.

Traditional materials such as timber, sandstone, rendered brick, slate and copper come together in a contemporary way, imbuing a sense of always belonging.
Modulations occur between the materials, creating opportunities for shadow and relief.

Garaging has been placed on the basement level so as not to dominate the streetscape. Perimeter landscaping is treated as an extension to the living areas located on the ground floor.

The study and entry porch welcome you in to the house through the front garden promoting ‘eyes on the street’. Private zones of the house are located on the upper floor, expressed in the form of timber pavilions. Roof gardens create green edging to the finely balanced façade which enables sun control and shadow-play.


To enable control of the environment, the house incorporates a sophisticated, innovative façade. External shutters enable energy in and out of the building.

Openings are positioned to promote stack-effect ventilation and harness the breezes.

Solar-energy harvesting, combined with hydronic-heating and rainwater collection and high-performance glazing and insulation, reduces environmental impact.

Photos: Brett Boardman