CategoryContribution to the Built Environment
ArchitectSAOTA - Arch + Int Arch, Tanner Kibble Denton Architects - Project Architect, Interior Design - Tanner Kibble Denton Architects and Alexandra Kidd Design

This family home is positioned on two vertical adjacent sites, allowing generous open living areas and wide views to Sydney Harbour. The style is strong, classic and inherently sophisticated. The entry drama is emphasised by a double volume space with views to the Harbour. Recessed into the hillside, the main living area is below street level for privacy. It opens on two sides, to the expansive Harbour view and to a secluded garden with exposed rock feature; embracing the sense of being surrounded by natural elements. Clever architectural detailing and engineering solutions enable unique features: structure-free living areas, large concrete overhangs and impressive canopies.

Throughout the house, pristine off-form concrete work combines with large granite tiles and sandstone cladding. The light tone of sandstone is offset with warm wood and bronze used for internal cladding and screening. The hand-cut grey granite counter further showcases and contrasts the pristine craftsmanship.


  • Utilizes the thermal mass of concrete slabs and 200mm thick concrete walls
  • Overhanging roofs and adjustable external blinds protect glass heat gain
  • Rainwater is stored for re-use in toilets, laundry and gardens
  • Solar hydronic floor heating
  • Sustainably grown timbers for cladding and screening for solar protection, privacy and wind shelter

Innovative sustainable design elements:

  • Dincel solid concrete walls add thermal mass and minimises cooling and heating requirements
  • Hydronic heating system utilises same hot water for showers, floor and pool heating
  • Rainwater is harvested from all roofs and stored in a large tank for re-use in toilets, laundry and irrigation of gardens

Environmental footprint of the building is minimised by:

  • Thermal mass – cooling and heating
  • Sun control – external adjustable louvres and canopies
  • Solar evaporative tubes – electricity and hot water
  • Rainwater – toilets, laundry, pool and gardens
  • Orientation – living spaces and courtyards allow for outdoor use in most weather conditions and accommodates infiltration of fresh-air and daylight