73 Bay Street

CategoryContribution to the Built Environment
ArchitectAdam Hampton

This contemporary family home is positioned amongst subtropical gardens on the west facing, terraced site with sweeping views to Beauty Point.

Unlocking the potential of the site involved redesigning the kitchen and formal and informal living areas to create bright new open plan layouts, taking full advantage of the orientation to both the harbour to the front and the private outdoor living areas to the back.

The landscaping strategy centres on a spacious lawn surrounded by retaining walls with planter gardens and built-in seating, expanding the living space into the outdoors.

The new roof with deep projected eaves responds to the western orientation, ensuring glazing is protected and creates usable outdoor space with views towards Beauty Point. In addition to improving the children’s bedrooms, a large master suite was created to capture views from a large new external terrace.


  • Alterations and additions to existing house minimise the extent of new building work
  • Response to site orientation to maximise natural ventilation and daylight
  • Material selections were minimised and locally sourced wherever possible
  • Layout adaptable to provide a socially sustainable use for future occupants

Innovative sustainable design elements:

  • Deep projected eaves over west-facing outdoor areas minimise solar heat gain
  • Improved thermal performance with new glazing and window frames
  • Rainwater storage for landscaping use
  • Achieved targets of BASIX compliance for insulation, energy and water consumption

Environmental footprint of the building is minimised by:

  • Predominantly retaining existing building footprint, emphasing landscape over built form
  • Open plan layouts to promote natural cross ventilation and natural daylight
  • Rainwater tanks installed to offset swimming pool and landscaping irrigation
  • Updated electrical fittings and plumbing fixtures to the current standards