27 Raglan Street

CategoryContribution to the Built Environment
ArchitectDomenic Alvaro

The brief was to create an enduring modern family home that echoed the simplicity in design that would stand the test of time. The stepped nature of the site enabled a solution that occupies a minimum ground surface and integrates the form and scale well into its surroundings embracing the views to Sydney Harbour and Sirius Cove. The appearance from the streetscape and from within is of an ‘unfolding’ nature. The residence integrates historic stone walls and garden beds and re-incorporating them into the final design, embedding a sense of permanence.

Program is split in 3 levels of “viewing containers” with sunken garden courtyards for a family of five: highest level integrates an entrance pavilion linking family living/dining. A continuous stair links the remaining house to connect sleeping and entertainment levels. A private art collection is distributed through-out the multi-levels and wine lovers space reflecting the passion of the owners.


It has been conceived as enduring home that will stand the test of time and evolves as the family unit/structure changes. This home is not about grandeur, it’s about evoking the eco-conscious spirit of a climate conscious home whose spaces are flexible and adaptable, functional with timeless beauty.

Innovative sustainable design elements:

Zero maintenance building through material selection. Insulated masonry walls, exposed concrete, exposed thermal mass, large overhang protection to terraced outdoor living spaces, sunken garden courtyards provide deep daylight penetration and capture breezes and cross ventilation on a very difficult site. Low-E glazing throughout, hydronic heating and cooling.

Environmental footprint of the building is minimised by:

The design has eco conscious spirit of reduced physical foot-print integrating the stepped nature of the site in a homogenous way. Integration of existing physical fabric by re-using all the existing stone-work to incorporate walls and vegetable garden. Zero maintenance throughout all material selection and water collection on site.